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Race, Religion, and Role in the Community (Interview with Al Vivian)

The Outlet Community Church https://theoutletcommunity.com

Get ready for an authentic conversation on Race, Religion, and our Role in the Community. We sat down with the 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient for leadership, diversity, and inclusion – Al Vivian. He is the President of Basic Diversity (www.basicdiversity.com), one of the most sought after diversity and inclusion firms in the country.

Conversation Breakdown

1:00 – Who is Al Vivian?

4:15 – The History of Basic Diversity

9:30 – The State of Race in America

23:00 – Is Christianity “The White Man’s” Religion?

28:15 – How Do You Deal With People Using Christianity As a Political Weapon

32:00 – Political Climate in America

49:20 – Do You Believe Our Country Is Ready for a Woman or LGBTQ President?

58:30 – What Should the Role of the Church Be in the Community?


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