Andrea Pendergrass

Andrea Pendergrass is a Science/STEM instructional coach teacher at Crawford W. Long Middle school. She has been in education for over ten years, and is extremely proud that she has the opportunity to spread her love of science and STEM to students across the Atlanta area. 

Andrea Pendergrass was born in a small suburb of Detroit, MI. She was extremely blessed to be afforded the opportunity to attend private school from K-12 grade despite growing up in a single parent low-income household. It was then that the foundations of a passion for education became planted. She became inspired to help individuals deemed intellectually inferior to achieve unparalleled levels of success. Through hard work and commitment to excellence in study, Ms. Pendergrass received a full tuition scholarship to attend the University of Michigan- Ann Arbor. It was there that she received her Bachelors of Science degree in Brain, Behavior, and Cognitive Sciences in 2007. Upon receiving her degree, she was equally excited to receive acceptance into the highly competitive Teach for America program, to embark on a journey to inspire the love and knowledge of science in youth and to prepare them to compete in the science driven global market. 

Firmly cemented in her belief that excellent secondary and higher education in this country should be a right, not a privilege, Ms. Pendergrass earned her Masters in secondary science education to ensure that she is evolving and growing as an educator to give the best to her students. Ms. Pendergrass’ journey in education has been both equally challenging and rewarding, and is ever evolving. She has learned the value of building and stimulating the youth of today, and is constantly rewarded when former students relay how they have taken lessons learned from her and have found them useful in their current studies.

One of her educational mottos is that “Intelligence plus character is the true goal of education” by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. She hopes not only to impart wisdom to her students, but also model integrity and high moral character as well.