Ministry Networks


Creative/Worship Arts Teams

Worship Arts Team

Our team facilitates a powerful worship experience through vocals, instruments, and audio engineering.

Creative Production Team

Our team facilitates creates an impactful visual experience through creative audio, video, lighting, stage design, graphic design, and photography.

Digital Media Team
Our team connects with guests of The Outlet from around the world through our social media platforms to provide content, prayer, and online conversations.

Church Experience Teams

Care Team

Our team assists people to their seats, facilitates the offering, and helps maintain a distraction-free service environment.

Events Team
Our team serves at conferences and church-wide events by setting up decorations and facilitating meals and snacks.

*First Responders Team
Our team is comprised of security and health care professionals that serve by providing a safe and secure environment. In the event of an accident or emergency, we provide basic medical care. (Medical certificate preferred)

Welcome Team

Our team brings a warm and personal touch to our worship experiences by welcoming people to The Outlet from the time they enter the parking until the time they leave.

Excellence Team

Our team facilitates a culture of excellence and sets the tone for  The Outlet’s experience by setting up before service, maintaining cleanliness during gatherings, and taking down what was set up after gatherings.

Next Generation Teams

The Spark
Our team ministers to infants and toddlers up to 3 years of age through Bible stories, worship, prayer, hands-on activities and personal interactions.(Background check required)

The Volt

Our team ministers to preschool and elementary aged children through Bible stories, worship, prayer, hands-on activities and personal interactions. (Background check required)

The Block (Middle & High School Network)

Our team helps students in 6th through 12th grade get connected to our Students ministry through Life Groups, community service, retreats, gatherings, and conferences. (Background check required)

Ministry Teams

All-Access Team
Our team serves as the hosts of the All-Access Events as well as provides materials and assistance to those discovering their next steps at The Outlet.

Leadership Development Team

Our team serves as the facilitators to ongoing Leadership Development Trainings that include but are not limited to Character Development, Social-Emotional Learning, and Job/Career Readiness.

Life Group Leaders

Team of leaders trained to facilitate Life Groups and equipped to build authentic relationships while helping group members discover their next steps.

Outreach (Street) Team

Our team facilitates serving opportunities through community projects and other campus outreach expressions. (Background check may be required)

Prayer Team

Our team provides prayer during gatherings while assisting people with their decision to live for Christ.

Finance Teams

Legacy Team

Our team uses our gift of giving to support major projects and facilitate the overall vision of the church through strategic financial offerings.