2023 & Beyond (Prophetic Word)


“Counter-Cultural Anointing Activated”

When our society says opportunities are shrinking, I say more are opening

When society says jobs are being eliminated, I’m making new ones for you

I’m releasing divine insight to the supernatural reserves of heaven that are ready to be revealed in these days.

Whatever you need and some has already been allocated for your assignment.

When society says it’s impossible, I’ve already made it possible.

It will not make sense for all the ways I’m releasing my provision to you for the purpose of it going through you.

You are a beacon, a light that cannot be hidden. My glory is upon you, my favor goes before you. Do not question my leadings and promptings – just cooperate.

This next year will be like none other. I’ve strategically aligned you to be my storehouse and my reservoir where those who are genuinely searching will find Me. I’m filling up your reserves. I’m setting you up to be a leader in your family and community for generations to come.

I’ve been working behind the scenes the entire time, now I’m calling you to step forward. Move forward in power, move forward in My authority. Nothing shall be able to stand against you. I am your shield and your defense. I make crooked paths straight and remove all obstacles in the way of My plan. Walk forward boldly and see Me at work everywhere you Look.

Word of the Lord 2023
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