Volunteer Opportunities

DISCLAIMERBefore we go any further, please know any opportunity to serve in the community should only be accepted according to your comfort level with being around others during this ongoing pandemic. These are only options for volunteerism for your consideration only. 

Volunteer Opportunity Christmas 2020

This Christmas, our goal is to adopt-a-child that we will bless with Christmas gifts. We are partnering with Summerhill Community Ministries who have approximately 125 children who have submitted gifts they are believing for not for just them but also to be a blessing to other family members in need.

If you would like to sponsor a child, you can email outreach@theoutletcommunity.com or you can make a donation below toward our Christmas Outreach Fund.

2) On Sunday, December 20th, we are planning a coordinated outreach event to share love with the homeless population in the city of Atlanta. We are in need of personal hygiene supplies, individuals to sort the donations, and those who are willing to make the drop off to those in need.

Please email outreach@theoutletcommunity.com or text “SERVE” to 770-667-4899 if you would like to participate.

For all other Community Volunteer Events visit our Events Page.

Thank you so much for your consideration! 


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