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About two weeks ago, I had an uncomfortable episode with anxiety. To be honest, it was two weeks ago that I realized I had been dealing with anxiety off and on. Why did it take me so long to realize this? My church upbringing. 

For so long, I said, “I’m a person of faith. I’m a pastor. I’m a leader. We don’t get anxious.” Give me a break, right?! Before any of those titles, I’m first a human in need of a Savior. I, too, must constantly evaluate my thoughts. Being a spiritual person or a person of faith does not mean you are exempt from negative thoughts sent to dominate your mind and alter the direction of your destiny.

What did I do?

First, I had to realize anxious thoughts are real but not based in reality.

Second, I had to evaluate my daily schedule and regimen or lack thereof.

How is my diet?
Am I regularly exercising?
How are my sleeping patterns?
Am I going to bed at a decent hour?
Am I taking the necessary time off from work?
Am I taking time to unplug from the digital world? (TV, cell phone, social media, etc.)

Third, I began to implement a minimum of two hours a day that I am “off the clock” for work.

During this time, I’m focused completely on my family. As a person who is a CEO two active companies, I had to realize that I cannot be all things to everyone all the time. I’ve instituted work hours, breaks, and an actual “day off” (that I’m still working on 🤪). 

Finally, I am learning to admit when I am not ok. I am learning to open up and let those in my safe circle of influence in to see me in my rawest form.

Too long, we suffer in silence and learning to reassess my “success/failure” value system to know that success is when you are able to voice the need for help. We are on the road to failure when we suffer in silence and allow the “Quiet Storms” to overtake us. 

Let’s evaluate our lives, take a look at the 4 steps I’ve listed above, take time to pray, but most importantly rest knowing what you can’t, God can!

I’m here!

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