Honoring Our Fallen Heroes | Monday Minute

from our Friends at Elizabeth Baptist Church

Some years back, a former colleague and I were trying to get clarity on the nature and purpose of Memorial Day Observances. Were we to celebrate all who served in the Armed Forces? Or Was today specifically for the military men and women who paid the ultimate price with their lives in service to our country? Well, we discovered it was the latter and, from that moment forward, shaped how I viewed today.

Happy Memorial Day?

For me, it has turned into a Day of Remembrance as the primary driver rather than a day of celebration. Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good reason to BBQ with the best of them, but the primary focus is to remember our brave men and women as well as their families on this day. The Bible encourages us to rejoice with them that rejoice but also “weep with those who weep.”

So today, I’m asking, before the festivities, may we take a moment to pause, reflect, and with gratitude, remember our fallen heroes.


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