Feeling Overwhelmed?

You may find yourself with more demands than you have the time and resources to meet them. First of all, I want you to take a deep breath. You have help. I want to give you three keys to help you when you are feeling overwhelmed by life.

Have a Heart of Gratitude. Instead of looking at the glass half empty, look at the glass half full. Take 60 seconds to list out things you are grateful for in your life. At the end of this exercise, notice how your mood had an incremental change in a positive direction.

Humble Yourself. You do not have to carry the responsibilities in your life by yourself. The Lord is with you right now to assist with the wisdom and understanding necessary to grow in efficiency as well as effectiveness.

Your Life is Bigger Than You. There are people waiting on your obedience. The adversity you are facing is the enemy not wanting to see you fully realize all you have been created to be and do.

You’ve got this!

I’m Cheering For You,

Vince Thomas, Jr.


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