I’m Pretty Sure You Have Heard By Now… (Monday Minute)

I don’t know about you but I for one have a love-hate relationship with Facebook Memories. This morning, however, was a memory that I absolutely love! To the exact day last year (August 5, 2018), my wife and I were officially installed as Pastors by our Church Overseers.

If I can be honest, when I go back to that moment I can vividly remember how terrifying it was to simply follow God’s plan for our lives. First of all, I had no intention of pastoring at the time when we began and now we are standing before God as well as the people God sent us to lead preparing to accept such an awesome responsibility. 

My oh my have I learned so many lessons over the past 18 months but the recurring themes have been that God is faithfuland His plan for your life is greater than your plan for your life.All God is asking is that we let go of the control and trying to do things in our way and our time. 

Little did I know a year ago that tonight (8p/7p CST) on Primetime television (FOX), we will be able to share our story with a few million households. God really does do exceeding abundantly above all that we can ask. My heart’s desire to see him do the same for your life as well.

Will you join our community for the next 21 days for a season of prayer?I believe there are things you have yet to experience that God wants to do in your life. It all starts with prayer!

I’m Cheering For You,
Vince Thomas, Jr.

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