Disappointment Can Hurt (Monday Minute)

None us likes disappointment. I mean over a period of time in leadership or business you understand it’s par for the course, but you’re definitely not adding it to your vision board or prayer request list.

Watching an Atlanta Braves game last night, Ronald Acuna Jr. tripped and fell heading to home plate and still scored. It dawned on me, when you fall — get up, keep going, you’ve got more life to live.

In Grant Cardone’s book The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure, he writes, ”No one has ever had it easy. Success never falls into anyone’s lap. Every success story has its share of toil and discouragement, so make peace with the fact that these are the realities of pursuing a dream. Accept that you will have to work hard and endure rejection.”

On the way to your destiny, there will be disappointment. Don’t allow it to discourage you. Process, regroup, but most importantly — keep going!

I’m Cheering For You,

Vince Thomas, Jr.

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