Elephant in the Prayer Room | Monday Minute

Forgiveness is what I call the “Elephant in the Prayer Room.” Have you ever wondered why in scripture forgiveness (or the lack thereof) is tied to prayer? I believe forgiveness is one of the most significant and most valuable acts of faith one can display.

First of all, to forgive is to act the same way God acts toward us. Yesterday at The Outlet, we kicked off a new series On Demand. Pastor James Sallie gave such a powerful and balanced message on Forgiveness. The point that stood out to me was:

“Forgiveness is not forgetting what happened, but it’s moving forward without having a hardened heart.”

The question remains, “How Do I Move Forward Without a Hardened Heart?”

During Recharge Prayer, my wife shared a key to keeping a softened heart when someone has wronged you. She referenced the “Parable of the Unforgiving Debtor” (Reference Matthew 18:21-35).

In Matthew 18:27, we see the key to moving forward without a hardened heart:

Then his master was filled with pity for him, and he released him and forgave his debt.

The King/Master did the following:

  1. Filled with Compassion
  2. Released the debtor
  3. Forgave His Debt

Walking through forgiveness is not a one-time deal but a daily commitment to living a life free from bitterness and strengthening your awareness of how God forgives us without limits.

Have you had to forgive someone or something that happened recently? Would you mind sharing with me what has worked best for you?


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