Opportunities Coming Your Way

Word of the Lord given during a Sunday Outlet Gathering
July 8, 2018

And this is what I hear God’s Spirit saying today,

In your own mind, you have everything all figured out. In fact, you’ve already constructed plans to take matters into your own hands. I’ve brought you here today for a reason because I want to show you a new, a fresh and a more effective way that will take you further than you could’ve ever imagined. When I’ve shown you pictures of what I’ve asked you to do, you said, “How could it be not me”, but it’s today that I’m saying yes, you. Allow Me to be everything that you need in your life. Only thing I ask of you is to give Me an opportunity to be who I’ve desired and destined to be for you.

So it’s during these times of worship where you’re surrendering your plan. You’re surrendering your education. You’re surrendering your way. You’re surrendering your finances to the way I have already made for you. Everything that you’re thinking about is already handled. Everything that has kept you up at night is already taken care of. So refuse to allow the thoughts of the enemy to distract you from what I’ve already made for you to walk in. In fact, you will see even after this service today, I’ve already begun to turn around the very thing that had you up. In fact, you are going to walk into fresh and new exciting doors that you thought had shut, but they were preparing you for the season and the time that is now. Hallelujah.


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