My First Six Weeks…

Observations from My First 6 Weeks of Pastoring: 


  1. Your Marriage Matters

My wife has been my rock. For the newly married couples in ministry, this is a marathon. In every assignment, think long-term. Too often when you are new to the ministry you are spending time trying to “prove loyalty.” An unfortunate consequence at times is the sacrifice of your marriage. If that is you, STOP IT! Wherever you are, invest into the quality of your marriage. It often shocks people when I say this but my wife and I, once a year, go to marriage counseling. You don’t get your car service after the engine has finally fallen out. The same with marriage. The best treatment for a problem is the prevention of it. There will be, without a doubt, a time where you will be asked by God to both go beyond the natural perceived limitations of your calling to accomplish great things. On top of the grace of God, the strength you draw upon will be the strength of the relationship you all are building privately.


  1. Personal, Daily Devotional Time is a Non-Negotiable

Any time spent preparing to speak on a particular topic does not count toward personal devotional time. Quite frankly, our congregations are supporting, with their precious resources, for their pastor to be moral and to have a vibrant prayer life. The people are owed that! In your personal, daily devotional time you are able to perform routine maintenance of your soul. This is vital to sustainability and purity of your ministry. 

Leaders have a way of absorbing a host of negatively impactful events and keep on moving as if nothing happened. God desires to heal every facet of our soul. If we do not seal up and heal the wounds within our soul, we will bleed on the people God has sent us to lead on a journey of healing for their souls. Personal, Daily Devotional Time is needed to discover who you are, deal with the thoughts that are sent to limit you, and rise above the pain of yesterday to run with confidence toward fulfilling all of your created potential.


  1. Care For The People God Has Sent You

I’m often amazed at the fact we not only have members but that they all have (of their own free will) made a commitment to support us with everything they have. There is nothing I love more than the local body of Christ. I’ve spent my entire life around the church and its operation. There is nothing more rewarding and beautiful than the body of Christ. There is a mindset of, “When we get this, then we will do this..” the reality is what you are doing now is a great indicator of what you will do in the future. Faithfulness is proven when the spotlight is not on. I do not have enough words to describe the love I have for the people God has sent and is sending to our community. A commitment to being “A Life-giving community that promotes authentic relationships” is not a mission statement we repeat because it is cool, it’s a lifestyle embodied by the people God has sent us. Their willingness to step outside of their comfort zones, be a generous people who look after the needs of others, and create a loving environment for others to worship in has been a personal dream come true.


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