His Love Never Fails

Walking in love with others can sometimes be uncomfortable and inconvenient. It’s uncomfortable because God will intentionally lead us to love the unlovable. It’s inconvenient because the good deeds that God will often put on your heart to do for others may come at the most inopportune times, especially to those of us who have busy and demanding schedules. Naturally, we tend to vibe with people that have our similar likes and personalities, but we have to recognize that not everyone that we encounter will necessarily like us or be easy for us to relate. For example, that supervisor that annoyingly criticizes everything that you do, that family member that only calls when they have a need or that co-worker that always takes credit for the work that you’ve done. These are some of the very situations that occur, in which, it becomes difficult to love beyond people’s unloveliness! However, it’s in these moments that we have the opportunity to grow and develop. You see, it’s not as challenging to give back to others what they have given to you, but to give love and kindness to people that are undeserving and that have been nothing but rude and disrespectful is walking on a whole new level.

This is where God puts His super on our natural! The key to loving the unlovely is remembering that when we were at our worst, God still loved us. In fact, His love toward us has never changed. Praise God for that! Love is an ordinary term with an extraordinary meaning. 1 John 4:8 tells us that “.. God is love” meaning that to love like Christ, we are going to need His help. If you struggle with showing God’s compassion, mercy, and kindness, I want to encourage you to invite Him into your life to begin to show you pathways of forgiveness that will allow you to practice unconditional love.

Real growth is learning to allow God to help us develop in areas that we struggle with accomplishing. My prayer is that God continuously gives you His heart of compassion for all people! I’ve discovered that when God shows us His love and grace, it’s much easier to show that same love and grace to others.

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