Blind Spots

There are areas in our lives that need a little more assistance than others. We all have them. For the most part, those who are generally self-aware know there are things they can do better and a few habits that could stand to change. However, there are areas in our lives that we don’t know that need to change or things that God has called us to do that we have still yet to act on. Only within the context of life-giving relationships do we reach our created potential.

The picture you see is a sticky note I received one week before I was in a meeting that transformed the trajectory of my life. As I’ve taken time to reflect, there were many people who would come up to me and let me know in their prayer time the Lord was telling them to share with me a “change of seasons” was on the horizon. At the time, I would think, “Well, the Lord needs to talk to me about that.” If I can be honest (hindsight is 20/20), the Lord had been dealing with me about major change but in my own strength, I did not want any parts of it.

I was walking around like that woman who was 40 weeks pregnant and everyone is telling her “any day now” and she’s thinking, “I’ve still got time.” God will send people your way who are interested in bringing life to you, who are praying for you. Become sensitive enough to follow the peace in your spirit for those who are sharing with you wisdom you do not see. At the same time, when people are sharing things with you that you do not have peace about, be slow to accept. Every person, in their own mind, has great intentions. The Lord will help you to determine what to listen to and when to act.


  1. Vince Thomas Jr. says: · ·Reply

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment!

  2. Kevin D. Dahunsi says: · ·Reply

    Thank you Sir, this is conformation on some things that i have been waiting on.

    • Vince Thomas Jr. says: · ·Reply

      Hey man! Kevin, as God trusts you with your simple acts of obedience, you can place your trust in Him for supernatural results.

  3. Dennis Crawford says: · ·Reply

    Just read, truly blessed me. I have been what where you have been. It is very uncomfortable, but necessary to build that purpose and plan He has for you. I had to learn it is all a part of the process and you have to just trust God and not people.

    • Dennis, you are absolutely right. As you continue to walk out your purpose, your perspective begins to take on the view of Christ-which is love. Many blessings to you!

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