Not Here, Not Now

I’ve been there and I’m sure you have to. It’s the place where you are ready to give up on the struggles that have plagued you for so long. Whether it’s weight loss, finding a new job, making that relationship/marriage work the pain of rejection is never easy and seldom, if ever, feels good. Well, now is not the time. Not Here, Not Now.

You’ve come too far. You’ve been through too much. You’ve invested too much to just walk away as if things never existed. Pain is not the admission of weakness but the reality of your humanity. Resilient people are able to move forward with a pure heart even when it hurts. As you increase your capacity to feel and process the pains that come from the disappointments in life, you are able to increase the trajectory of your destiny. You and God are a majority. You’ve got this! #TheOutletCommunity #Empower


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